Best Vodka deals on Amazon Prime Day

Grey Goose French Vodka: £39.00 £26.00 Amazon

From Cognac in France, this breakthrough wheat-based small-batch ultra-premium vodka has achieved global success and won a Platinum medal at the World Spirits Championship. Clean and fresh, with a smooth, creamy texture.

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Crystal Head Vodka: £47.00 £40.75 Amazon

Bling in a bottle created by Canadian superstar Dan Aykroyd. Thi is a super Premium Vodka, which is still handy once you’ve finished it due to the unique bottle . To the Vodka itself,  it’s quadruple distilled to make it as pure as possible, though there are some doubts whether a fourth run will make any discernible difference. There’s no additives; which some commercial brands will use to lift their vodkas. It uses the glacial waters of Canada throughout the process which adds to the purity.

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Absolut Vodka 1l: £26.98 £18.00 Amazon

Absolut Vodka

Wheat based vodka from Swedish super distillery. Clean, easy and full – this is a bar stable and great mixing vodka. And for this price – one to snap up.

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